As part of the team assigned to protect the August family, Heather March's job is to guard Sam and keep him safe from a crazed killer. But is she safe from Sam's desire for her? Sam and his brothers have survived unimaginable hell growing up, and they've formed a dark sexual bond that involves sharing their women.

But Heather doesn't want to share Sam with anyone. What's more, she cannot see herself agreeing to their terms for a relationship with him. She may be out of her league, but she is drawn into the family drama when she offers him a special gift. But now the killer knows Sam's weakness and will use anything he can to get to him.

In Book 3 of The Men of August series, wounded heroes, fantastic sexual appetites and group sex make this story quite electrifying and highly erotic. With characters this real, readers may forget that they are reading fantasies. Leigh has penned another very powerfully written sexual suspense. (dl $6.20)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel