This Middle East-based suspense plot reunites two pairs of former lovers. The main relationship would have been sufficient to sustain interest, but Monroe throws in a secondary, m/m romance that feels forced. Although both romances appear incompatible with the military team dynamics, the characters are likable and worth rooting for.

Rachel, a Goddard Project agent, endures torture and would rather die than give up the woman who was her unwitting informant. Just as she devises a plan to kill herself, Rachel is rescued by none other than Kaden Marks, former Special Forces Marine — and the man she has always loved. Kaden let her down a decade ago, but he will do whatever it takes to save Rachel and make her his once again. Meanwhile, two of Kaden’s black ops team members, Neil and Wyatt, are working through Wyatt’s inability to come out to his family and acknowledge their relationship. (BRAVA, Feb., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan