Glenna and Blake Tanner have the perfect marriage. Over the years, however, they have unsuccessfully tried to have a child and are advised by an obstetrician that Glenna's health can not withstand any more attempts. In order to please his beloved wife, Blake agrees to use a surrogate mother.

Sandy Daniels, the doctor's secretary, knows of the perfect woman to be the Tanners' surrogate-her sister Erin Winters. Erin's life has been shattered by a car accident that left her a widow caring for a seriously injured young son. If Timmy is ever to walk again, he will need a series of expensive operations.

A deal is struck that will benefit all parties and everything is going as planned until the day Glenna is killed. A grief-stricken Blake wants nothing more to do with Erin or the baby.

Glenna's spirit realizes that she must do something to heal the wounded individuals she has left behind. Deciding that she can't appear to Blake, she will have to counsel Erin on ways to bring Blake into this baby's life.

Blake eventually decides that a marriage of convenience is the solution to all their problems; but will that satisfy their emotional needs?

While trying to do what's best for her loved ones, Glenna's spirit continues to be plagued with doubt and jealousy. Author Sara Jarrod's eloquent novel HEAVEN ABOVE delivers a ghostly presence with a most unique perspective. (Oct., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith