Penniless and crippled, Sabine de Saint Montagne is a reluctant lady of the chamber to Mary, Queen of Scots. All she has left is the Queen's promise that she will marry a good man.

Lord John Campbell, Privy Council and promised to Sabine, decrees it is now legal to hunt down and kill those of clan Gregor, headed by chief Niall MacGregor.

One day at the market, Niall inadvertently steals the pouch Sabine keeps tied at her waist, which contains her most prized possessions. To get it back, she forms an uneasy alliance with Niall; promising to get him an audience with the queen without him being killed or captured.

Ms. Holcombe has a hit with her debut book. The characters are well drawn. The description is vivid and evocative. All in all, this is a lively and entertaining read. SENSUAL (Nov., 277 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent