Speculation Press touts their new line of books as "Expanding the horizons of Science Fiction and Fantasy." Heaven and Hell does just that. In 12 short stories, readers are given quite interesting views, and visions of Heaven and Hell… straight from the viewpoints of those traveling to those specific destinations.

"The Fiber of Being" by Jody Lynn Nye proves that who you know in life means absolutely nothing in death. In Shalanna Collins's "Prom Night," a young woman learns that being prom queen has its own price, especially when the honor is conjured through demon magic.

All in all, some very interesting stories which entertain and amuse. One clever thread that intertwines quite a few of the stories is that no one believes they are truly dead…even when they are. (January 2002, 249 pp., $11.50)

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer