Image of Heaven and Hellsbane


Image of Heaven and Hellsbane

Emma Jane Hellsbane is back in a thrilling, hair-raising account of demons, angels and other creatures. The action and excitement are nonstop as the battle for supremacy continues. Emma’s emotions come into play as she’s placed in tenuous situations that call to her both as a woman and an illorum. Be prepared for Cuccaro’s outstanding — and startling! — cliffhanger.

Magisters, or full-fledged angels, cannot be killed — or so Emma thinks until a spate of murders turns up on her doorstep. Eli is magister and mentor to Emma’s illorum (spawn of a Fallen angel and human mother). She’s still on her quest to kill her father and regain her humanity. Her boyfriend, Dan, is a cop who hasn’t come into his powers as an illorum, and Em will do anything to prevent that. But she has a problem beyond the carnage surrounding her: She has feelings for Eli that go beyond mentor and pupil that conflict with her feelings for Dan. If they act on their emotions, Eli will become a Fallen and be banished from Heaven. Together they must discover the identity of the powerful Fallen behind the vicious attacks while fighting their ever-growing attraction. (ENTANGLED, Sep., 400 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown