Thirty-one-year-old Casey OReilly is driving across the New Mexico desert when her car breaks down. Stranded, Casey is struck by a bolt of lightning and transported back to 1878.

She meets a handsome stranger, Luc d Sepaphin, who tries to explain what has happened. Skeptical, Casey refuses to believe she traveled through time.

Luc acts as a guide and mentor to a confused Casey as she navigates this new world. As she begins to accept the situation, Casey falls in love with the mysterious traveler and regains her sense of self and belief in the power of love. Luc is stunned by his powerful attraction to Casey. He knows the time will come for her to leave, but he cannot keep himself from loving her.

Always clever, always special, always superb, Constance ODay Flannery is the undisputed queen of time-travel romance. She never disappoints and HEAVEN ON EARTH is exactly what readers want. The book is something new and fresh from an established voice in romance who takes risks to expand the genre with new twists and turns. Add marvelous details on the Hispanic culture and an action-packed western along with a tender love story and what more could you want? SENSUAL (Aug., 390 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin