New York PI Melina Dimitris is nursing a badly damaged heart in Buffalo, NY while also cursing Sebastian Knight. She receives a frantic phone call from her best friend Lynda Barrone back in Bethlehem, NY, her old hometown. It seems that young Alanna Dalton accidentally discovered that Lyndas new fianci, Ben Foster, is her biological father and Alanna has apparently run away from home. Alanna didnt go alone, for two other children are also missing: Caleb Brown and little Chrissy Knight.

Melina responds, even though shell be in close contact with Chrissys father Sebastian. It hasnt been easy for Sebastian and Chrissy ever since his wife, Diana, abandoned them both.

Alanna Dalton is determined to reach her drug-addicted mother Berry and find out the truth about her parentage. Shed planned on going alone, but Caleb and Chrissy put a stop to that. Unfortunately, their first attempt at reaching Providence doesnt work out as planned. However a chance encounter with another troubled teen called Cheyenne has them joining forces. Can Melina and Sebastian find the children before any harm befalls them?

Marilyn Pappano uses every parents nightmare to build a story that explores the depths of love, loss, forgiveness and acceptance. The Bethlehem magic continues! (Jan., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith