Genevieve Lalande will do whatever she must to escape the poverty of Paris for a chance at a new life in the French colony of Quebec. Trading places with one of the King's Girls (brides-to-be for the men of New France ) she sets out for Montreal as "Marie."

When rugged Andre Lefebarre learns that he must be married or loose his trapping license he chooses the very seasick Genevieve. Believing that she is too ill to survive he assumes she will leave him a widower with his precious permit intact.

However, a very healthy and determined wife is what he gets-a woman willing to follow him into the wilderness and stake a claim in the rough yet beautiful land Andre loves. As they journey through the forests, encountering danger upon danger, Andre begins to see his bride as a remarkable woman and an unlikely love grows between these two souls.

However, both Andre and Genevieve have their secrets and when the real Marie arrives, the couple's love is put to the test.

An exciting and intriguing adventure awaits readers who choose HEAVEN IN HIS ARMS. Lisa Ann Verge's colorful descriptions of French frontier life and the unique Canadian history, along with a magical love story, are guaranteed to hold anyone's interest. SENSUAL (Apr., 448 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin