After being knocked out, kidnapped and left fighting for his life, David Cole awakens to a bizarre situation: he's recuperating in his kidnapper's home-a Costa Rican government official. He's attended by the man's lovely step-daughter, who is rapidly becoming the center of his amorous fantasies.

Serena Morris doesn't want to fall in love again. After a disastrous marriage to an abusive, psychotic football player, she's vowed never to put herself in that position again. But David, her father's injured guest, looks at her with such longing that she can't help but respond. She wonders why David is in no hurry to leave and why business with her step-father is so secretive. But as the mystery unravels, the tapestry of her life is torn asunder and her only lifeline is David.

Veteran author Rochelle Alers has reached a new plateau with HEAVEN SENT, the latest book in the Hideaway series, It promises to change the tenor of her career forever...congratulations, Ms. Alers, for knowing just what we want to read and giving it to us in such an alluring, luxurious and elegant package. (July, 285 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson