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As a small-town postal clerk, Callida Prophet knows it isnt legal to read someone elses mail, but Anne Lockhart is dead and not about to read the letters her daughter sends her faithfully. It is Becky Lockharts letters that compel Callie to quit her job and become Beckys nanny.

Since his wifes death, Aubrey Lockhart has been steeped in grief. He finds it difficult to be with Becky, who reminds him so much of Anne.

Callie is nothing like Aubreys idea of a nanny. She is not stern or old with gray hair, but he hires her because there is something appealing about Callie.

Callie is determined to bring father and daughter together and she starts by reading to Becky, Aubreys letters to Anne. It comforts the girl to know how much her father loved her mother, but those letters make Callie dream of what it would be like if she, too, could be loved by Aubrey.

While the plot is not a new one, this romance is filled with sassy dialogue, humor, an adorable precocious child, a terrific cat and an appealing hero and heroine. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner