Image of Heaven Should Fall


Image of Heaven Should Fall

From the start of this novel, Coleman shows us the devastation that Jill will experience with Cade and his family. The author’s thorough research on post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia is evident in this thrilling novel, and will keep readers engrossed and unable to walk away. Although this novel is very engaging, its only drawback may be Jill's unbelievably pure and forgiving demeanor toward Cade’s family, which becomes quite aggravating over time.

After losing her mother in a plane crash, Jill Wagner is thrilled to have the opportunity to start a new family with her loving boyfriend, Cade Olmstead. In an effort to prepare for Jill’s unplanned pregnancy, Cade takes her to his family’s farm in a small New England town for a few months of visiting and relaxation. However, shortly after arriving at the farm, Cade’s personality changes. He exhibits paranoia against the government, along with the rest of his family and brother-in- law. Acting with as much kindness as she possibly can to Cade’s family members, Jill must consider how to carefully and safely disentangle herself and her infant son from Cade and this dangerous situation. (MIRA, Oct., 368 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun