Image of Heavenly Bliss (Haunting Hearts)


Image of Heavenly Bliss (Haunting Hearts)

Something about old decaying Bliss House called to Jill Carey the moment she saw it. Vacant for nearly 100 years, it's reportedly haunted-even the real estate agent tries to talk her out of the purchase, but Jill is adamant.

Nearly 100 years ago, Cyrus Bliss and his lover Laura Randall were murdered by Laura's abusive husband. Both are cursed to remain at Bliss House for a century, unless one of their descendants falls in love and marries at the house. Time is running out for the ghosts, and if the curse is not broken in the next three months, Cyrus and Laura will be doomed to spend eternity apart.

Kyle Randall has no interest in restoring Bliss House, but he needs cash and so accepts the project. Eerily, Kyle has highly erotic dreams regarding a mystery woman. When he meets Jill, he realizes she is that woman.

Married since age 16, Jill is recovering from her relationship with a pedophile. Rob began his obsession with Jill when she was only 13. His death freed her, but she feels guilt over the tragic consequences of the marriage. Kyle, too, is demon ridden. He feels responsible for his paralyzed brother Dolph and his daughter Alyssa, who was born in a vegetative state. Cyrus and Laura do their best to guide these star-crossed lovers toward each other, but there may be too much baggage to overcome.

HEAVENLY BLISS is an extremely sensual tale that examines the mores of different ages and the consequences of individual actions. Evocative reading. (July, 321 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith