Who would have thought a quaint little book about an equally quaint little place would turn out to be a real treasure? But HEAVENLY DAZE is just that. Two talented and well-liked authors, Angela Elwell Hunt and Lori Copeland, collaborate in this delightful tale about the quirky residents of a small island with seven special inhabitants.

The authors seamlessly weave the tale of each character around the story of Reverend Wickam and his wife, who graciously serve the members of their community. And it is this same group of people who are planning a special surprise for the Reverend. But a simple misunderstanding has him believing their gift is to be rid of him! You wont want to miss the confusion.

Supper burned and the phone kept ringing while I was encountering the rich people of this fictional Maine island. More than just entertainment, I think every reader will find a nugget of truth and healing for themselves in HEAVENLY DAZE. (Dec., 270 pp. $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston