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In a dual romance, siblings Amelia and Philip Winslow have come to America in the 1920s. Each seeks their own lifeAmelia pursues a singing career, while Philip becomes a police officer.

On the verge of becoming a star, Amelia finds herself attracted to a mob lawyer, Ryan Kildare, who suddenly disappears. Eventually she locates him but with his life still in danger they can never be together, especially now that she has become so famous. Will Ryan ever be able to escape the death threat hanging over his head so that he and Amelia can make a life together?

Philip has fallen for Rosa Morino, a mobster's daughterthe very same mobster he is trying to put behind bars. But Rosa does not share his faith and her father refuses to let her see him. Rosa rebels and finds herself arrested. Upon her release, more tragedy strikes. Will Rosa and Philip finally be together, or is it too late?

It would appear Mr. Morris has finally shed his historian skin and revealed his true writing ability. This is an excellent story, filled with vivid details yet never once sounding like a textbook nor causing the reader to be pulled from the fictional world. Well done! (Mar., 320 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston