Samantha Lyons is at her wit's end. She needs someone to help her with her research or she'll lose her grant. Her last assistant quit unexpectedly and the odds that someone will volunteer to catch mosquitoes and suffer the desolation of the marsh aren't good. When all else fails, Sam prays, and her prayers are answered in the form of a surly father and his small son.

David Halpern is on the run from the law. The same authorities that want to arrest him couldn't protect his son from an abusive mother, so he leaves behind a good job and a more-than-adequate salary. Now down to his last handful of change, he hasn't a clue as to where they will sleep or how he will feed his son. When the flustered and attractive research scientist offers him a job, he's hesitant to accept, but something draws him to her.

Sam and David's first impressions of one another change as they learn to trust one another. When Sam almost loses her life in a fire, David opens his heart up to the Lord. Marzec's inspirational novel is a wonderful blend of hope, love and belief forged in the fire of adversity. (dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith