Nearly sixteen years ago, J.T. Rafferty lost the love of his life on their engagement day. Despite being married and divorced, J.T. has never gotten over the loss of Amanda Hamilton. Amanda, on the other hand, has spent the intervening time as a guardian angel, waiting to be reunited with her beloved soulmate.

When J.T.'s life is suddenly threatened, a guardian angel must be dispatched to prevent his death. When there is no other angel available, the powers-that-be reluctantly agree to send Amanda, provided she wears a special gold medallion that will repress her memories of her life with J.T.

Amanda, now known as Caitlan Daniels, arrives in the nick of time to save J.T. from death. His brush with death is no accident; someone has deliberately tried to kill him. Now it is up to Caitlan to discover who and protect J.T. from them.

J.T. is intrigued by Caitlan from the moment he awakens and finds her bending over him. Her story of how she came to save his life has a few holes in it, but J.T. gives her the benefit of the doubt. With a little divine intervention, Caitlan arranges to be stranded at J.T.'s ranch, giving her the opportunity to protect J.T. and study the suspects. The most likely candidate is J.T.'s bitter cousin Randal, but there are others who had the means and opportunity as well.

Caitlan is disturbed by her intense feelings for J.T. This has never happened to her before, so why this man at this time? For J.T., something about Caitlan touches his heart for the first time since losing his beloved Amanda. Have these two star-crossed lovers found each other once again, only to be separated once more by circumstances? Will they ever get their chance to love fully and completely?

Promising new author Janelle Denison brings a touching warmth of spirit to this heartwarming tale of a love so intense it cannot be severed even by death. Inspiring reading. (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith