Image of Heaven's Queen (Paradox Book 3)


Image of Heaven's Queen (Paradox Book 3)

Bach closes out her Paradox trilogy with a satisfying ending to both Devi’s quest and her complicated relationship with Rupert. Although her solution to the complex universal problem that Devi has faced since book one is resolved almost too perfectly and leaves a few loose ends, it’s her relationship with Rupert that evolves wonderfully and makes this story worth reading. Rupert proves himself to be a hero worth Devi’s love, and romance fans will feel satisfied with Rupert and Devi’s hard-fought HEA.

After narrowly escaping death yet again and the rest of the crew of the Glorious Fool lost in space, merc-for-hire Devi Morris and her on-again off-again romantic interest, Rupert Charkov, are seeking refuge from danger in a cottage on a remote farming planet. But playing house lasts briefly as the two are forced on the run again, planet hopping to find more information on — and possibly a cure for — the strange, highly contagious virus plaguing Devi. But with a group of undercover agents and an entire alien race after her, saving both her life and the entire universe from destruction could prove to be too much for the woman who’s survived everything. (ORBIT, Apr., 400 pp., $15.00)
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Elisa Verna