After cursing the heavens for his familys death, Italian Renaissance artist Dominico Castiglione is turned to stone. As punishment for his blasphemy, he is to remain a statue for 500 years, until a new millennium and a virgins tears set him free to help his descendent save mankind.

In an old Roman cistern, art historian Dr. Honoria Fitzhugh discovers a statue of a young man that she believes is Michelangelos study for the famous sculpture of David. She sets out to prove its authenticity.

Instead she awakens Dominico and David comes into her life. The sexy flesh and blood man leads her from California to New York City on a journey of the heart.

HEAVENS ROGUE is a Pygmalion tale with a twist; a refreshing fantasy that combines warmth and humor. Dominicos adjustment to modern conveniences and the New York lifestyle, as well as his attitude toward women will provide many a chuckle. This is sure to earn Ms. Shannon many new fans and recognition. A true delight! (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin