Melissa Fuller has always wanted to be one with the stars. Her dream comes true when she becomes an astronaut. But in a blazing explosion and meteorite shower, her heaven becomes a nightmare.

Pulled from deaths door she awakens in a another time and place: 1887, Washington Territory.

Kindness to an old woman gave Rory McCullough 10 years of peace, but not love. With her last wish, Shelan presents Rory with a woman to love; a silent lady he pulls from the water when a falling star lands near a lake.

Without her voice, Melissa struggles to communicate with the wonderful man who nurses her back to health. Not knowing how she came to be in Rorys lake in the middle of a stone ring, Melissa accepts his love with a wonder she has never felt before.

Together they learn sign language in the hopes of helping many children like the one Rory has taken into his home and his life. They find a happiness that few others have known, but what will happen if that happiness is shattered by murder?

HEAVENS TIME is infused with the joy, sheer wonder and true magic of love. It is an added bonus that Susan Plunkett has turned a tender, emotional tale into a time travel romance as well. Rory is a real hero, the kind any woman would dream about. As love blossoms between Melissa and Rory, your heart will sigh with pleasure. A gem! (July, 329 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin