The only saving grace in this book is the steamy sex scenes. The plot is silly, and the characters are shallow, unlikable airheads, including the future doctor.

Tonia Fuller has made some poor life choices in the past. At 18, while working as a topless waitress, she met and married mobster Frankie Gobini. Now, Frankie is doing time, and Tonia is starting over. She divorced him, moved to Boston and changed her name.

Raphael Beauchamp is a medical student moonlighting as a paramedic. By the time of his second chance encounter with Tonia, he's falling for her -- against his better judgment. Tonia and Raphael join forces to determine what she has that the mob will stop at nothing to get. (CERRIDWENPRESS.COM, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson