In the third and final novel of Ms. Delacroixs Bride Quest series, the reader is invited into the world of Rowan de Montvieux and his knights challenge to acquire a bride of wealth.

Rowan has accepted the challenge marry an Irish heiress. He battles seasickness on his journey to Ireland. Finally on land, the knight is challenged to buy a slave out of pity. The young lady has obviously been abused and he intends to free her.

However, the woman, Ibernia, does not seem to want her freedom. And she seems to know of the richest heiress in Ireland, Bronwyn of Ballyroyal. As the quest progresses, and the intimacy between slave (who often turns the tables on her master) and master grows, Rowan begins to question his true quest.

Ms. Delacroix again weaves a fairytale story of knights, honor and romantic love. Although, some of Ibernias experiences might be a bit rough for the gentle reader and Rowan might seem quite the aggressive knight, this enjoyable tale will have the reader routing for the true winner. SENSUAL (Oct., 365 pp.,$6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer