Image of The Heiress (The Madison Sisters)


Image of The Heiress (The Madison Sisters)

Sands’ companion to The Countess abounds with her hallmark humor and sensuality. Sands cleverly juxtaposes the stories in her duet from differing points of view, making this addition fresh and delightful.

Her sister’s marriage had saved the family from ruin, but with their father’s gambling debts mounting Suzette must find a husband and claim her inheritance. What she needs is a poor man in want of a wealthy wife, but with her sister’s dead husband suddenly alive Suzette has a problem. When Daniel Woodrow rescues his best friend and they return to England, his goal is to help find a traitor, he never expects to encounter a bluntly outspoken young woman — she fascinates him. When Suzette makes an outrageous proposal that they marry Daniel readily accepts, once he gets rid of a dead body. If a corpse isn’t enough of a problem, they find themselves racing cross country after a blackmailer, trapped in a carriage accident and captured by a villain before everything can be sorted out. (AVON, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin