Image of Heiress to a Curse


Image of Heiress to a Curse
HEIRESS TO A CURSE (4.5) by Zandria Munson: Marius Drakon’s family was cursed to become gargoyles in 16th-century Romania. He now has 29 days as a human male to meet the last remaining descendant of the witch who cursed his kin, win her trust and then kill her to break the curse. When he meets Alexandra Dancescu, though, the last thing he wants is to kill her. Reporter Alexandra is on the trail of a killer who’s kidnapped a child. She falls in love with Marius, only to learn that he’s both a gargoyle and her would-be killer. Together, they battle Marius’ family and seek an alternative way to break the curse. Munson presents a fast-paced love story that’s only improved by the Beauty and the Beast imagery. The descriptions are also particularly well done.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay