Book one of the Muses of Mayfair begins a promising new series with tales of artistic women who must perform their vocations as males. Mad and Ferguson mature as a couple and help those around them through their problems.

All Madeline wants to do is act. A spinster of 28, she takes on a stage persona and performs such Shakespeare classics as Hamlet each night. She catches the eye of Ferguson, Duke of Rothwell, who follows her home to ferret out her identity. After one kiss they are spellbound, but both have issues. He doesn’t want the dukedom and familial responsibilities that have fallen into his lap and she doesn’t want to move to Scotland where he has exiled himself for the past 10 years. He insults her further by asking her to assist his twin sisters in their society debuts. There are further complications when her family discovers where she has been spending her evenings. (SPENCERHILLASSOCIATES.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown