The con is on in this humorous and action-filled launch book in a hot new series from Evanovich and TV writer Goldberg. This White Collar-esque tale has a dogged FBI agent trading standard operating procedure for high-stakes, high-concept operations plotted by her con-artist nemesis. Hang on as the action in this caper races around the globe, producing situations that are vintage Evanovich — both dangerous and hilariously absurd!

For five years, FBI agent Kate O’Hare has been on a mission to capture international con artist Nick Fox. She finally gets him by ramming his car with a bus. But things don’t go exactly as planned: Nick cons her bosses into allowing him to work with Kate to bring down other criminals. Their first target is Derek Griffin, playboy investment banker, who disappeared with 500 million dollars. If this uneasy duo is going to pull this off, they had better get their “act” together! (BANTAM, Jun., 300 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith