Image of Heist Society (A Heist Society Novel)


Image of Heist Society (A Heist Society Novel)

Carter's done it again. Readers will
be delighted to ride shotgun as jet-setter Kat circles the globe in this new series. A fun story, a cute boy and lots of high jinks -- what's not to love?

Katarina Bishop is happily ensconced in private school, having finally stolen the one thing her art heisting-happy family couldn't -- a normal life. But then Kat's expelled for a prank she didn't pull (Kat wouldn't have gotten caught), and there's the handsome and rather enigmatic Hale to pull her back into the life. It seems Kat's dad has been framed for stealing the art of a powerful and scary mobster who wants his paintings back -- or else. Kat's got 14 days to make it happen. (HYPERION, Feb., 304 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9781423116394, HC, 10 and Up)

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno