Williamson creates likable characters, but they seem slightly flat. The sexual tension between the protagonists is hard to miss, and this manifests into erotic, almost playful, sexual encounters that include some anal exploration. Unfortunately, the author doesn't
truly integrate the novel's mystery element. Clues are clumsily laid to provide obvious misdirection. At the end the revelation of the villain's identity isn't
a climactic plot twist, it's an obvious conclusion.

Fallon has just kicked out her cheating live-in lover. Her life is thrown into further disarray with an emergency call from her grandmother. But soon Fallon realizes that even the direst of circumstances have a bright side. Back in her hometown, Fallon meets Grayson, a handsome man who cannot be as nice as he seems. As their attraction blossoms, their relationship is put to the test -- when Grayson is accused of several murders that have plagued the town. (LOOSE-ID.COM, Mar., 167 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart