North America in the 23rd century is an apocalyptic nightmare marred by desolate ruins, nuclear fallout and lawlessness. Kat is a scavenger hunter who searches the ghetto of the outer rim for artifacts to sell to junk dealers. She and her partner, Damian, endure the rugged landscape and battle cannibals and other dangers in search of the ultimate treasure that will get them out of the outer rim.

When Kat hears that rival hunter Hades plans to journey to the Vanquished City in pursuit of a treasure that can earn enough money to escape her dreary life, she wants in. But the dangers she encounters en route are nothing compared to the danger of surrendering her heart to Hades.

Although this story contains graphic violence, it's a heart-pounding, futuristic adventure with a hardened, ass-kicking heroine who learns to love again. The characters are sharply defined, and the details of the harsh world in which they live will pull readers in. (Apr., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Angela Black