Image of Hell for Leather: Black Knights Inc.


Image of Hell for Leather: Black Knights Inc.

Readers who’ve been eager to learn more about the owner of the Black Knights’ local watering hole get front row seats in Hell for Leather. Delilah is just as tough as expected, but we also get a glimpse of her tender, kindhearted nature. As for Mac, if his Texan drawl doesn’t pull readers in, his irresistible alpha ways will. The heat between the hero and heroine is hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends and, like the rest of the series, the action is plentiful and the language is as strong as Boss’ coffee. One thing is for sure: Readers are in for one hell of a ride!

Delilah Fairchild may be a take-no-prisoners temptress, but when her uncle disappears, she’s forced to swallow her pride — and her feelings — and ask for help from the one man who’s immune to her charming ways: Bryan “Mac” McMillan. Mac’s FBI background may have taught him the art of dodging bullets, but the one thing it didn’t train him for was resisting a buxom damsel in distress. Despite his attempts to keep his distance from the green-eyed vixen, he jumps at the opportunity to help Delilah. What starts off as a simple mystery unravels into an intricate plot involving terrorists and nuclear weapons, and soon the couple is outrunning both the bad guys as well as their feelings for each other. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman