Image of Hell on Wheels: Black Knights Inc.


Image of Hell on Wheels: Black Knights Inc.

Debut author Walker is ready to join the ranks of great romantic suspense writers with this Black Knights, Inc. series starter. Nate is the most tortured of heroes, holding on to a heart-wrenching secret, while Ali balances between innocence and bravery. When combined, the duo’s chemistry sizzles. The dialogue is as snappy as it is convincing and the cast of characters ranges from rugged to geeky, each with their own charming quirks. Who needs a white knight when the Black Knights have you covered?

While mourning the devastating loss of her brother, Ali Morgan can’t help but feel that she’s being watched. After barely escaping an attempted kidnapping, she heads to the one person she knows she can trust to help her — Nate Weller, her brother’s childhood friend and a certified bad boy. Nate has always had a soft spot for Ali and he vows to find out who’s after her. Feelings grow between the couple but there’s a problem: Nate is keeping a dark secret that he’s sure will shatter any chance he may have with Ali. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman