Image of Hellfire (Demonslayers)


Image of Hellfire (Demonslayers)

Douglas is on a roll as she deftly picks up the action shortly after the conclusion of the launch book in her DemonSlayers series, DemonFire. The focus shifts to exiled Lemurian Alton and the intriguing human, Ginny Jones. Douglas brings a nice balance of action, emotion and backstory to this terrific adventure. Hang on, for the war is just beginning!

When he chose to help ex-demon Dax and human Eddy Marks escape from a Lemurian prison, Alton,son of the ruling Chancellor, was exiled and sentenced to death. Alton doesn’t regret his choice, especially because thanks to the battle against the demons, his crystal sword HellFire is now sentient. Alton also met the intriguing Ginny Jones, whom he hypnotically sent to safety in Sedona. Regrettably Ginny is not so safe, as another vortex has opened and demons are possessing local animals. Ginny is hip deep in the fight to save both Earth and Lemuria, but help is needed. Can Alton and Ginny convince the Council of Nine to change their course? (ZEBRA, Sep., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith