Image of Hellforged


Image of Hellforged

For demon-slayer Victory Vaughn, intensity and intrigue are revved way up as she is faced with a possible trap of destiny. The thrills are nonstop in Holzner’s latest Deadtown novel as the action races from continent to continent and into the reaches of hell itself. Even better than the first book, this series is becoming highly addictive!

Still working and living in the Deadtown zone of Boston, Vicky is horrified to realize that she is the common denominator in the gruesome, permanent deaths of several local zombies (aka previously deceased). A worried Aunt Mab insists that Vicky fly to Wales in order to take her training against the Hellion demon to the next level. As a child Vicky got her hands on The Book of Utter Darkness and as a result her father died. Now Aunt Mab insists that Vicky must practice reading it, in order to understand the prophecies and her destined role. Vicky is confronted by a man who’s calling himself her cousin Pryce, but is in fact a demi-demon. Pryce knows of the prophecies and is determined to use Vicky to unleash hell. But not if Vicky has anything to say about it! (ACE, Jan., 345 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith