Image of Hellhound (A Deadtown Novel)


Image of Hellhound (A Deadtown Novel)

The quarantine of the residents of Boston’s Deadtown is getting more problematic as the undead and nonhuman residents resent their unequal treatment, and demon slayer Vicky Vaughn is at the epicenter of trouble. In addition to the grave danger and intense action, Holzner does an excellent job exploring in more depth her characters and their evolving relationships.

Vicky’s life has gotten a lot more complicated in the last few months and one of those complications is threatening her life. When she was trapped in the Darklands, Vicky’s werewolf boyfriend Kane made a bargain with the Night Hag to get in: Kane agreed to serve the Night Hag as a hellhound for a year and a day. But when they escaped together, so did a white falcon containing the soul of Vicky’s father. Now the Hag wants the falcon back and she is sending the hellhounds, including Kane, after Vicky. Pryce, Vicky’s cousin and nemesis who has made some horrific alliances, returns to unleash a new plague on the zombies. With Pryce in league with both the demon Difethwr and the Old Ones, Vicky is seriously outgunned. (ACE, Nov., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith