King Henry forces Isabelle of Langston to wed Hugh Faunconier, rightful owner of Isabelle's land. Irate at the Henry's demand and fiercely protective of her lands, Isabelle rebuffs Hugh. But the sensual warrior soon teaches Isabelle the delights of joy and love. 

Nothing can divide the newlyweds, not court intrigues, nor jealousy. When Hugh does not return from a royal mission, Isabelle sets out to discover what has happened to her beloved. 

Isabelle finds Hugh, but he is not the man she remembers. Having lost his memory, he is held captive by sensual Vivienne d'Bretagne's her black magic and sexual appetites.

Disguised as a falconer, Belle enteres the d'Bretagne keep. Her subterfuge discovered, she must become Guy d'Bretagne's love slave or lose Hugh forever. Like Hugh, she succumbs to the sexual ecstacy her captor brings. Yet Belle will risk all to save Hugh and free herself from Guy's spell. 

Lust's Leading Lady haw returned with a scorching romance that will satisfy fan of the erotic and exotic. Not for the timid, HELLION is a lush blend of the sexuality, adventure and romance Bertrice Small fans crave. SEXY (March, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin