When Danni, the three-year-old daughter of country singer Maggie McKittredge and senator Neal Gaston, vanishes from a Chicago church, Deputy chief of detectives Polly Kelly is assigned to the case.

Soon, a live website called appears on the internet. This site shows Danni in a locked room with bottles of water near her and nothing else.

Polly realizes that Danni must still be somewhere in Chicago. It is obvious that Dannis alone, and unless found quickly, she will die. Unfortunately, whenever Polly thinks shes going to make a breakthrough on the site location or at least the internet access, she runs up against a brick wall. With the whole world watching Dannis disintegration online, Polly is in a race against time.

HELP ME PLEASE is an unputdownable, breathtaking read. Barbara DAmato tells this tale of terror realistically yet sensitively and it is as though we are working right alongside Polly. Not only does the tension never flag but Ms. DAmato places several surprises along the way, constantly keeping the reader on edge. (Oct., 336 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg