Image of Henry's Sisters


Image of Henry's Sisters

The belief that blood is thicker
than water is displayed in Lamb's
latest about a family that falls
apart and ends up coming back
together again. With all the detailed descriptions of the products made
at the family bakery, recipes would have been a nice addition!

The Bommarito sisters, Cecilia, Isabelle and Janie, have always been close, especially with their brother, Henry. The sisters reunite after a letter summons them to their mother, who is facing surgery.

Each sister has her own issues. Cecilia overeats, Isabelle engages in one-night stands and Janie is an obsessive-compulsive murder-mystery writer. Despite his special needs, Henry has always been the sanest one in the family. So when their absentee father returns and Henry becomes ill, the Bommarito sisters must bond together like never before. (KENSINGTON, Aug., 434 pp., $15.00)v

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee