Image of Her Bedroom Surrender


Image of Her Bedroom Surrender
Self-help author Cara Sheehan realizes the irony when she can't seem to help herself after being dumped by her boyfriend. She hires a trainer to get her back into shape, but almost backs out when the gym's co-owner, Rory Flanaghan, who's home on a leave from his overseas job, decides to work with her. While attracted to Rory, Cara is afraid of being hurt, so she throws up defenses. Soon Cara realizes she's ready for a new relationship. But Rory's headed back overseas and doesn't want anything permanent. Or does he? Trish Wylie's Her Bedroom Surrender (3) takes a while to get moving, and Cara has some major self-esteem issues, but it turns into an enjoyable tale of someone coming out of her shell and taking charge of her life.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers