Image of Her Best Friend's Brother


Image of Her Best Friend's Brother

HER BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER (4.5) by Kay Stockham: Home to attend his twin sister's wedding, Luke Tulane becomes suspicious when his sister's best friend, Shelby Brookes, is nauseated -- after they'd spent the night together at his older brother's wedding at the beginning of the summer. When Shelby admits she's pregnant, Luke, who's always been in love with Shelby, insists they get married. They do, and their new marriage is stretched to the limit -- first by Luke's long-distance job, and later by Shelby's miscarriage. In Stockham's heartwarming and delightful tale of love, Shelby and Luke overcome their personal tragedy. The author does an excellent job detailing her characters' emotional growth.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay