This book is the perfect combination of heat and heart. Violet is a strong character, but it takes her a while to truly realize her inner strength. Martin is the epitome of a modern white knight; he is sensitive to Violet’s needs, but he doesn’t let her push him around. Readers will laugh at Violet and Martin's taunts, cry at the injustice of the past and yell at Violet because she can't tell Elizabeth the truth. This emotional roller coaster is worth the ride!

Violet Sutcliffe thinks her best friend Elizabeth’s fiancé, Martin, is completely wrong for her. He is just so proper it drives Violet crazy, and she knows Martin considers her to be a bad influence. Any time they are together, they can’t help but spar with each other. When the wedding is called off and Elizabeth travels to Australia to find herself, Violet is unsure of how to treat Martin since they have been enemies for so long. But they are both shocked to discover that their fights were really covering up an attraction that can no longer be ignored. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl., $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review* 

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak