Elsa Rousseau is on the run. The alpha werewolf breaks pack law by refusing to mate with the three males that her grandmother, head of a pure werewolf clan, has assigned. But Elsa is determined to live life her own way and make her own decisions.

When her car breaks down in pack leader Rick Bolton's territory, he considers her his responsibility. He's seen Elsa in her wereform and is very attracted to her. It is obvious she needs his protection, but she doesn't want help from anyone--even the sexy Rick. Still, the understanding and compassion she sees in Rick makes her want to trust him.

In Her Blood, the second in the Lunewulf series, is a well-plotted book with plenty of romance, sex and adventure. Rick, in either of his forms, is attractive and appealing--an alpha but not a bully. Elsa, skillfully shown as determined not to have her future decided for her, is able to admire this alpha male without losing who she is fundamentally. (dl $6.20)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor