Charming and delightful, this novella is the perfect holiday treat! After years of being good friends, Damien and Celia are so attuned to each other that their every move heightens the sexual tension that leaps from the story’s pages. And while the couple’s natural sensuality adds a rich backdrop to the tale, it is sincere love and understanding that gives this relationship its solid base.

Damien Morton has loved his best friend’s widow for years. However, he has never let Celia, Lady Danver, know about his feelings because he is convinced that he is not good enough for her. Celia’s son, Theodore, will one day inherit the title of Earl of Urwick and Damien is afraid that he, a lowly servant’s child, cannot possibly guide the young man into adulthood. But everyone who knows Damien believes this to be nonsense. He is a steadfast, loyal man who can be relied upon. And Celia wants him more than she can say. After two years as a widow, she is ready to start living her life again and is willing to let Damien know that her feelings for him go far beyond the bounds of mere friendship. (CARINA, Nov., dl. $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne