Image of Her Colorado Man


Image of Her Colorado Man

St. John's strong yet sweet romance is peopled by characters readers will care about. Though the initial theme of the story is nothing new, it's the lesson
St. John teaches in the subplot about abuse that touches the heart.

Mariah Burrows has everything she wants: a position in her family's brewery, a wonderful son and a large, loving family. True, she is living a lie; there is no Mr. Burrows off in the Alaskan gold fields, just an old friend who writes letters to her son.

After an accident, miner Wes Burrows discovers he has a "son" and decides to come "home" for his wife and child. Wes simply wants the boy to have a father, but once he meets the headstrong, beautiful Mariah, he wants more then a pretend marriage. To her surprise, Mariah likes Wes. He fits in with her family and slowly makes his way into her heart. Though she is happy, her sister-in-law is suffering, and when things go from bad to worse, Mariah realizes the kind of wonderful man she has. (HARLEQUIN, Dec., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin