Image of Her Cowboy Defender


Image of Her Cowboy Defender
HER COWBOY DEFENDER (4.5) by Kerry Connor: Loner Cade McClain is surprised to find a woman on the side of the lonely road heading toward his ranch, but he’s even more surprised to end up on the wrong end of a gun when the woman hijacks his truck. Piper Lowery’s baby sister has been kidnapped, and her other sister, an FBI agent, is in a coma because her own rescue attempt went bad. Before he knows it, Cade is drawn into the Lowery family’s problems involving a suspicious death, a Mexican crime lord and a father’s vendetta. With a hero who rides to the rescue despite his better judgment, a fearless heroine, a complex plot and even a victim with real bite, Connor’s got all the makings of a first-class suspense tale that will keep readers turning pages.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper