Image of Her Cowboy's Christmas Wish


Image of Her Cowboy's Christmas Wish

HER COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS WISH (4.5) by Cathy McDavid: Eight years ago, Ethan Powell enlisted in the Marines to get away from the pain of his mother’s death, leaving behind a devastated Caitlin Carmichael. Now he’s home, missing part of his leg as a result of a roadside bombing and trying to prove to himself he’s still the bronc buster he was before the accident. He’s also going to try to resume his relationship with the girl who still holds a piece of his heart. Caitlin, who’s been holding herself responsible for the accident that paralyzed her brother, has played it safe since then, panicking whenever anyone she loved took dangerous risks. How can she and Ethan possibly be together when he insists on taking crazy risks that could get him killed? The spiritual and emotional healing that evolves naturally from McDavid’s beautifully written story touches on the fears and realities of homecoming veterans and the families they leave behind, as it neatly dovetails with a charming romance.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper