Western banker Brandon Calhoun wants schoolmarm Harriet Smith to keep her brother away from his daughter. But Will Smith and Jenny Calhoun are already lovers and determined to give their unborn baby a home by getting married.

Brandon masks his hurt and disappointment with anger and rejects his beloved daughter, but he's drawn to Harriet and consents to her visits.

Partly because of her attraction to Brandon, Harriet refuses to break all contact. Her gentle persistence, added to his growing need for her to ease his loneliness, keep the way to reconciliation open. Crisis in the form of bank robbers and a hostage situation finally breaks down the last barriers, and a hard western man is saved by the love of a good woman.

This is a pleasurable and well-executed tale, despite its reliance on a very familiar storyline. It's a near-perfect example of its type, but it's limited to that type. SENSUAL (May, 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond