Image of Her Every Pleasure: A Novel


Image of Her Every Pleasure: A Novel

Foley's adventure romances featuring the Knight family have won praise and a loyal following. She doesn't disappoint with Gabriel's story. Powerfully intense and emotionally driven, this is another example of Foley's talent for writing multilayered love stories that keep readers enthralled. Here is another winner for your keeper shelf.

Princess Sophia of Kavros is running for her life when she seeks shelter in Gabriel's barn. He mistakes her for a "gift" sent by his brother, and she plays along with the ruse.

Haunted by what he saw and did in India, Gabriel has become a celibate recluse. But Sophie is attracted to Gabriel and realizes he may be her one chance at love. In return she ignites his longing to reclaim his reputation as the Iron Major and become her bodyguard. Gabriel struggles with his vow as his love for Sophia grows and she tempts him at every turn. Their passion mounts as her enemy mounts an attack on her island country. (Ballantine, Apr., 390 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin