Image of For Her Eyes Only (Aisling Triplets)


Image of For Her Eyes Only (Aisling Triplets)

London leaves something to be desired with this title. It's the last of the Aisling sisters trilogy and feels thrown together. The book contains many good ideas, but few of them are fully executed, and the few that are developed are repeated to the point that they detract from the plot.

Reluctant psychic Leona is being stalked by a vengeful psychic with a generations-old hatred for her family. When Owen asks Leona to help free his sister from a psychic vampire, the two are drawn to each other. As the vengeful psychic gets closer to destroying Leona and her loved ones, she must decide if she can trust Owen. Will this generation of the Aisling family be able to overcome their past and put the threat to their family to rest for good? (Avon, Oct., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan