Lorna Farrell knows that she is playing with fire when she befriends her half-sister, Kendra, who is unaware of their blood tie. When Kendra's stepbrother, Mitch Ellery, is introduced to Lorna, he remembers her as the woman who claimed to be his stepmother's biological daughter five years previously. Mitch is determined to pay off Lorna to get her out of their lives but can't help feel disappointed that they didn't meet under different circumstances. Lorna and Mitch are both thrown a curve ball when Kendra tries to play matchmaker between the two. Neither one of them expects to fall in love. Susan Fox's HER FORBIDDEN BRIDEGROOM (4) is a delightful page-turner you will hope never ends. The hero is to-die-for, the heroine is so sympathetic and their romance will keep you grinning from beginning to end.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short