Mandy had spent her summers with Hank and Corrine Promise on their Texas ranch for years. Now shes back after an eight-year absence. Mandy is appalled to be met at the airport by Beau Gentry, the man who broke her heart when he chose to ride the rodeo circuit and leave her behind. From Beau, she learns the reason her mother insisted she returnHanks heart condition. Its Hank, though, who really gives her a shock when he asks her to learn from Beau, how to run the ranch . How can she work so closely with the man who betrayed her? Even more importantly, will she be able to convince Hank to have the heart surgery he needs to save his life?

Ms. Mondello presents a beguiling story that keeps you turning the pages. Though the hero at first appears selfish and the heroine in need of a backbone, their characters develop nicely and the reasons behind their actions prove understandable. Truly a joy to read. (Oct., 175 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley